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Client Testimonials

Client testimonials help let others know about the work of Spicer Facilitation & Learning. Carole works with a variety of clients including individuals, businesses, government, academics, not-for-profit and community groups. These are their stories and testimonials. The map below shows where the clients of Spicer Facilitation & Learning are located. Zoom in to take a closer look!

Client testimonials about Meeting Facilitation & Management:

“The first time I met Carole was at a meeting between Newfoundland Cranberry Growers and the NLBKA. I was kinda taken back at first on how this lady took charge of the room. Carole was stern, however gentle, and kept the flow of the meeting very positive. Carole is very good at connecting people with people. Carole connected us with three very important business contacts which turns out very valuable to our business venture. Thank you Carole and look forward to our next meet.” ~ Lee Harvey, owner, Cormack Bee Company

“Your facilitation style , while relaxed and engaging, also challenged us and brought us to a place where we were proud of what was accomplished at the evening’s end.” ~ Christine Young, CEO, YMCA of Western NL

“I have been a participant in planning days organized by Carole Spicer, and am always impressed by how well they are organized and reach results that help organizations in their next steps.  This time I took the lead on getting our Strategic Planning Day underway, so worked with Carole from the beginning.  She makes it easy, low stress, and meets every expectation.” ~ Catherine Dempsey, Newfoundland and Labrador Beekeeping Association,  Former Queen Bee

“I have worked with many facilitators over the last 38 years, or been in workshop and other processes that required their skills. Carole Spicer stands out as one of the best facilitators among them.  She is smart, witty, empathetic, perceptive, diplomatic, and patient, and has an excellent sense of humour, yet she is a tough, challenging, no-nonsense task-master when she needs to be. Her methods helped me and my groups sort through complex issues, problem solve, and make decisions efficiently in a way that respected differences of opinion, knowledge and experience.

What may well be a unique skill is her ability to work with disparate groups with a wide range of interests, goals, aspirations, and/or issues to consider.

I have no hesitancy in recommending Ms. Spicer for any kind of facilitation work. She’s a pro!  I look forward to working with her again in the future.” ~ Peter Armitage, M.A., Newfoundland and Labrador Beekeeping Association, consulting anthropologist.

Client testimonials about Stakeholder Engagement:

“I was very impressed by your cool headedness and you are personable. I think the project we were working on required quick thinking and planning and you helped to lead the process and comfortably involved all the stakeholders. Great job!” ~ Emily Doyle, Postdoctoral Fellow, Memorial University

“I have been in elite University classrooms and watched tenured professors miserably fail to maintain the interest and focus of eager undergraduate students who had paid to be there. We asked Carole to bring together Newfoundland beekeepers to discuss biosecurity issues that were simultaneously contentious but also rather dry.

She was able to design a process that maintained focus, anticipated trouble, undercut attempts at grandstanding, and gave a voice to everyone – and through all that also stuck to a packed day’s schedule. She (apparently effortlessly) adapted her plans on-the-fly as challenges arose, and at the end of the process we had produced clear, actionable items that had been agreed to by a room full of people that weren’t sure if they could agree to anything at the beginning of the workshop.

I’ve been in a lot of meetings and work sessions, in both academic and non-academic settings, and I’ve never seen one that was planned as carefully as Carole’s and yet maintained almost complete flexibility as the schedule, mood, or focus level in the room shifted. I wish we could afford to fly her down to New York to manage acrimonious faculty meetings.” ~ Dr. David Peck, Postdoctoral Associate, Cornell University

“Carole is extremely organized and utilizes extraordinary tools which encourages active participation.   She listens to participant responses and capture, not only, what is said but also the context, perspective and concepts being discussed.  She gives every individual an opportunity to participate and we were extremely impressed with her ability to guide us through, what we as a group thought, could be some daunting sessions.” ~ Paul Connors, Executive Director, Newfoundland and Labrador Federation of Agriculture

 “Although Spicer Facilitation & Learning is a new company establishing itself in the facilitation and learning market, it is clearly evident that owner and operator, Carole Spicer is not new to this field. Carole has been in the business of facilitation and learning for many years and she has refined her passion and skills to precision. She is a connector, a builder, a listener and is respectful and welcoming of differing viewpoints. Carole leverages her understanding of group dynamics, embraces flexibility and new processes, to assist groups to achieve their best outcome. She does this all with a wonderful sense of humour! I would recommend Spicer Facilitation & Learning to anyone in the market for an outstanding facilitator. Individuals, businesses, government, academics, not-for-profit and community groups would all benefit from Carole’s personal touch and commitment to their success.” ~ Lorelei Roberts, Director, Planning and Coordination, Government of Newfoundland and Labrador

“Carole is a great facilitator, trainer and coach! I have had the pleasure of collaborating with her on projects! She is professional and thought provoking! Hire her for your next meeting, training or planning session or attend one of her training sessions, you will be very happy you did!” ~ Leona O’Neill, Project Manager, CME-NL

“Strategic planning can be very overwhelming, but Carole made the process of identifying three key issues and coordinating goals much easier.  Both myself and the board were very pleased with her facilitation skills and the outcome of the day. I would certainly use her services again and definitely recommend Carole to other organizations.” ~ Jade Kearley, Interagency Coordinator, Community Mental Health Initiative Inc.

“I would just like to take a moment to provide credit where credit is due. Carole Spicer from Spicer Facilitation & Learning was instrumental in facilitating a recent Strategic Planning Session for a not-for-profit board, that I sit on as Treasurer. Carole facilitated a highly creative and interactive session for Community Mental Health Initiative Inc., that in a few hours provided clarity to allow us to refine our strategy for ever evolving client needs.

The process was highly collaborative allowing members of our board to crystallize ‘Values/Vision and Mission Statement’, with everyone contributing. Carole was able to understand and capture the information from all. Her communication, gentle direction, wonderful personality and professionalism certainly put us on the path to sustainable success! Should your company or organization be in need for a facilitator, Carole truly is one of the best! Thank you, Carole!” ~ Liam G. Parfitt, Family Justice Regional Manager, Government of Newfoundland and Labrador

Client testimonials about Workshops:

“Carole was very flexible in the way she delivered her services. She was open to working with us to find the best way to deliver our sessions. She gave us a lengthy list of topic ideas and shared what did and didn’t work for past clients. We would highly recommend Carole as a facilitator, she works extremely well with other people and is able to communicate with a room of people, with little or no prior knowledge to their background. She is a fantastic listener and picks up on specifics that make for a good discussion amongst participants. We will use Carole again in the future!” ~ Heather Howard, Executive Director, Conception Bay Area Chamber of Commerce

“Carole has a wealth of knowledge with online learning and facilitating with many different programs. The service provided was above and beyond, always available for advice and a great sounding board. The methods to conduct education events and way she does business is absolutely professional and as her clients are of the utmost importance and gives the right directions to take, an absolute asset to my business. She was always accessible, answered questions and gave advice immediately without hesitation, a positive attitude and providing all the information needed to conduct your online learning event. I would recommend Carole and the company for many reasons one being the years of experience and knowledge in online learning and facilitating and most importantly great personable service and being effective and efficient with my business to have a successful presentation in online training. I will definitely use her services again and would highly recommend all businesses who requires these services to obtain her service as she is absolutely amazing personally and professionally.” ~ Cathy Halbot, Owner, Western Driving School

“I would definitely recommend yesterday’s workshop [Customer Service in Challenging Times] to others. I have attended many virtual workshops, but this workshop was the best one I have attended yet! It had great materials that we could download for later and the facilitator gave us time to review the materials. I enjoyed that the facilitator kept us engaged and asked us for our opinions. Sometimes, it can be stressful to speak up in virtual spaces. The body language is lacking and you are not sure if someone else is about to speak. It was nice to chat with everyone and I appreciated their perspectives and advice. I am looking forward to more opportunities, such as this one.” ~ Mandy Penney, BSW, RSW, Master’s Candidate, Memorial University

“Spicer Facilitation & Learning was recommended to the Gander Women’s Centre as we transitioned into a virtual world. I’m extremely happy with the training provided by Carole, she is a warm and knowledgeable woman. What I liked most about the training, was that it was delivered in a professional manner with a side of personality. The virtual platforms and the program content were applicable and easy to use and follow.  I highly recommend the programs themselves and Carole is a great facilitator! I’m sure we will be working together in the future!” ~ Wendy Secord, Program Coordinator, Gander Status of Women Council

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  • In what way or ways did I make it easy for you to do business with me?
  • Would you recommend me to others, and if so, why?
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