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Customer Service in Challenging Times

Delivering exceptional customer service is a skill in demand in today’s service-oriented society. Customers are demanding more of service providers and have higher expectations than ever before. What happens to your customer service delivery when your business is hit with a challenge?

What’s more, how do you generate a sense of connectedness and continue to offer personalized services when your once face-to-face business has been forced into a new virtual-only operation mode?

In this interactive workshop, participants learn the value of developing a customer service commitment statement, responding to challenges by staying committed to service excellence, and infusing virtual contact with experiential story telling for a more human touch.

Who should attend?

  • Service Providers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Service Managers
  • Anyone looking to improve customer service skills

Learning Objectives

  • Identify customer expectations and needs
  • Develop a customer service commitment statement
  • Utilize tips for moving business online

Duration: 3 hours