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Fundamentals of Public Sector Service

Delivering public sector service is unique in its requirements to balance public expectations while maintaining fiscal responsibility. The Institute for Citizen-Centred Service, a centre of excellence for knowledge, collaboration and innovation in public sector service delivery, has developed the Certified Service Manager Body of Knowledge (CSM BoK) in order to:

  • Establish a common language and consistent standard of excellence within the service delivery community
  • Professionalize the service delivery practice
  • Encourage the use of the citizen-centred approach

In this interactive workshop, participants will learn the key elements, concepts and language of public sector service delivery, based on the CSM BoK. Understanding the concept of outside-in service, service providers can adapt their service delivery processes to match citizens’ and clients’ expectations.

Who should attend?

  • Public Servants
  • Service Managers
  • Front line Leaders
  • Anyone interested in learning about delivering public sector service

Learning Objectives:

  • Explain outside-in service and why it is important in public service
  • Identify recipients of public sector service
  • Connect employee engagement and client satisfaction

Duration: 1 day (6 hours)