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Public Engagement

Speaking to the public can be scary.  Having an understanding of how to engage members of the public can improve the quality of your communication.  Many public bodies are required to consult with the public before approving policy changes, strategies or budgets.

Skilled in the IAP2 Spectrum of Public Participation I can assist clients in developing the right process to engage members of the public.


A one-way process when an organization is communicating outward to the public.  Used when an entity wants to ensure the public has the most recent, accurate information.


A one-way process when an organization is seeking input inward from the public.  Used to obtain feedback on proposed changes, decisions or analysis.


Two-way communication that allows for a natural flow of information between an organization and the public.  Used to assure the public that their concerns are heard and will provide feedback on how their input affected decision-making.


Full-circle communication that involves the public in decision-making including the development of alternatives and selecting the preferred solution.  Used to increase innovation, seek advice and expertise from the public.


Placing the decision-making in the hands of the public.  Used when the organization can commit to implementing the public’s decision.

A facilitator is tasked with creating a safe environment for participants to feel comfortable in sharing what are often diverse opinions.  From engaging farmers identifying risks in the agriculture industry, beekeepers and cranberry producers discussing pollination, labour workforce stakeholders discussing innovation in attaching people to the workforce, to talking about the legalization of cannabis, I am comfortable with managing a diverse group of people.  I will meet with you to discuss your desired outcomes, determine which step in the engagement spectrum you fall on and design the appropriate process to improve your public engagement results.

“Carole is extremely organized and utilizes extraordinary tools which encourages active participation.   She listens to participant responses and capture, not only, what is said but also the context, perspective and concepts being discussed.  She gives every individual an opportunity to participate and we were extremely impressed with her ability to guide us through, what we as a group thought, could be some daunting sessions.” ~ Paul Connors, Executive Director, Newfoundland and Labrador Federation of Agriculture